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The GoLedger CC-Tools library is a collaborative effort from GoLedger to provide developers a powerful and easy-to-use library for creating Hyperledger Fabric chaincodes.

Developed using GoLang, the GoLedger CC-Tools library has several features that facilitate the journey of learning, development and deployment in production of a chaincode.

GoLedger CC-Tools is an open-source project lead by GoLedger and open for use to the Hyperledger development community.

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  • Standard asset data mapping (and their properties)
  • Encapsulation of Hyperledger Fabric chaincode sdk interface functions
  • Standard asset key management
  • Basic types of asset properties (text, number, boolean, date) available
  • Basic asset array type (text, number or date arrays) available
  • New asset property types customization
  • Asset within assets available as references
  • Asset array available as references
  • Management of asset details
  • Write permissions by set of organizations for each asset's property
  • Private data collections management by asset (read permissions)
  • Create/Read/Update/Delete (CRUD) transactions embedded
  • Custom transactions, with prior definition of arguments, webservice method (GET, POST etc)
  • Management of transaction details
  • Compatible web service
  • Compatible ready-to-use web application